Let´s learn to speak English!

“There is no doubt that the universal language of the world is English and for many people, not being able to speak English can hold them back in different areas of their lives.”

With the fast pace of modern life, it can leave people with little spare time to study. Speak Your Mind has been developed for people who want to learn English quickly, easily and want to have fun doing it!

Many people say, “I know the grammar but I can’t speak!” or “I can understand when I read but not when people speak to me.”

Speak Your Mind works for people of all abilities, from complete beginner to advanced level. Our trained native teachers will give you the help and support to speak in English from the very first day!

Speak Your Mind focuses on three main principles.

1. Learning a language can be complicated; we aim to make it as simple as possible.

2. Learning a language can sometimes be very boring; the objective is to make it as enjoyable as possible.

3. Learning a language can often be a long process so the idea is to make it as quick as reasonably possible.


Words are the most important thing in a language. The more words you know, the better you express what you want to say.  With the Speak Your Mind method, words are the driving force which push the course along. With Speak Your Mind you learn new words every lesson, as well as recycling and using the words you have already learnt from the previous lessons.


Once you have words, then you need to make sentences. The Grammar will allow you to use the words you learn so as to be able to communicate clearly and effectively. The grammar is presented orally through practical explanation with clear and relevant examples and a lot of practice! Through this practice you will be able to speak clearly and easily and..Speak Your Mind!!


Speak Your Mind focuses on one of the most important points in learning a language and that is practice. Practice is the magic ingredient that brings words and grammar together and practice gives you the confidence to transfer your knowledge to your daily life. Studying grammar doesn´t teach you to speak…only by practice can you achieve what you want.


Speak Your Mind presents and practices the language orally which means that the focus of each class is speaking. Through revision and recycling you will obtain the knowledge and real autonomy that is needed to speak a language through fun and focused practice without boring repetitive memorization exercises.

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