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When learning a language , every student wants to feel that they are achieving something and that they are going in the right direction. Speak Your Mind is a system of studying that measures the langauge proficiency based on fuctional ability and not on the knowledge gained, thus the evaluation covers a wide range of langauge skills in real life contexts.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Langauges

The Method is divided into 17 different interconnected units which clearly shows the progression from one unit to another. These units follow the six levels set out in the Common European Framework (A1-C2), therefore whatever your goal, you always have a real reference as to where you are in your studies.

SYM - level map + exam chart board70x40cm ENG ver10.2014

The Placement Test

This free test is essential for every new student so as to place each one at their real level. This allows us to form groups where each student in the class is at a similar stage in their English developement. Well-formed, balanced groups coupled with a well-structured program allow each student to grow in confidence and reach their maximum potential with guranteed success.

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