If your aim is to be able to speak English and have the confidence and fluidity in the language then this is the method for you!

  • In class, students do a lot of ‘open conversation’ which is adjusted to their level. The focus is on autonomy which increases their knowledge, language and communication skills in English.
  • The levels are clearly defined with every student being placed at their correct level.
  • The teacher actively guides the lesson so as no student is ‘left out’ – everything is fair and everybody has the same amount of practice time.
  • Our teacher rotation system presents students with different teachers at different points in the course so as to be exposed to a variety of accents. As the program is so well-structured , each teacher is able to continue from where the last teacher left off.
  • Lessons focus on ‘learning’ and ‘autonomy’, not on ‘entertainment’ so as to be able to easily transfer new language skills to real life siutations.
  • Clear focus on error correction and ´self-correction´ – so as to give maximum benefit to each student.
  • The procedures and guidelines of the method are clear and evident to all, so students are guaranteed a high standard of teaching and because of the clear study path, students can see their progress.


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